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[Owner] satisfiction a posted Jun 18, 16

The DNS is currently acting up. You can get on via:

It was just my ISP's slow DNS causing the servers to appear offline to me (and anyone else using AT&T) lol.


So the poll currently states 50% want 1.9 now, and 25% wanted a new map with it (when I made the poll over a month ago). That's 75% for 1.9 and then 25% who want to stay 1.8.

However, 1.9 definitely brings some serious changes to gameplay.. and those people who voted to stay 1.8 have a valid point. In addition to the mechanics of PVP being much much different -- some of the plugins we have long relied on may cease to function in 1.9. Take McMMO for example. In any event, I'm currently building a 1.9 version to test out and see how much of the original Phobos we can bring over.

 One thought I had would be to keep 1.8 as a "classic" server and then start a new 1.9 server -- but I really feel that will split players up too much.

So for now -- I am inching towards updating. Will post more once I have a test server put together. 1.9 is really fun once you get used to the updated mechanics.

Please don't hesitate to comment your thoughts or concerns or ideas down below.


[1-Year] EnvyxBlur I wouldnt mind to test
[Owner] PurpleKushGirl a I am up for play testing this weekend!

Hey guys -- We really need your help!

Our gracious host (just like me) is currently looking for a job. This means that while they have been able to essentially foot the cost for the past two months -- they are not able to do so this month. We always hate to openly ask for contributions, but we rely completely on your support! If you can -- please donate today. All contributions will be matched with an overwhelming reward and our personal gratitude. Thank you so much! Phobos Forever!

Ranks are currently 66% OFF!!! (Until May 31)

This means that you could get Nightmare for just $33 USD and some change.

Or go from Fear to Horror for around $1.65 USD

Or get Emerald on PVE for just $16.50 USD

Please consider donating!!!


[Owner] satisfiction a Shoutouts to Sarah8393 and steffeny123 too!
[Owner] satisfiction a A super special shoutout to RustyTusty!!!
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