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Survival Revival

[Owner] satisfiction a posted Sat at 23:30
After many many requests...

Survival PVE now has Disguise Craft!!! (Mob disguise)

Here is a list of who gets what:
Survivor: Chicken
Veteran: Sheep
Iron: Pig, Cow, Bat, Spider, Zombie
Gold: Wolf, Ocelot, Slime, Skeleton, Cavespider
Lazuli: Zombie Pigman, Wither Skeleton, Villager, Creeper
Emerald: Horse, Enderman, Witch, Blaze, Ghast ,Magmacube
Diamond: Witherboss, Enderdragon, Silverfish, Mushroomcow, Spiderjockey, Giant

Just type '/d' to see your available disguises! Have fun!

[Mod] caniano What ya mean prototype ranks?
Yoshinto Awwwwwww yeah!!! I hope Prototype rank also gets that, imma check :3

OnTime is fixed.

[Managr] RockStar248 a posted Fri at 17:16
If any of you had any problems with not being able to be promoted when you had the right time, you're now gonna get that promotion because I fixed the problem with OnTime :3

Happy surviving

We are moved!

[Owner] satisfiction a posted Thu at 2:44
We are successfully in our new home. We had some fun times griefing the old hub. LOL. The work is not over for lil ole satis yet though.

Some of the things on my to-do list:
-Get the Factions Donator Ranks back up on the Store!
-Update to 1.7.8 soon-ish.
-Restore Voting and Improve the Rewards. (I'm looking into Voting Tokens).
-Update all Voting Site listings.
-Get Pirates Open.
-Revamp Zombie Horde.
-Save the Universe from evil.
-Solve world hunger.


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