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The title says it all. 

Same whitelist. Same rules.


Working on it.


Although most of you cheeky players have started school once again till sometime next year, the donations that are coming in is outstanding!

Just last month, in October, the last I saw the donation counter at was something like 194% complete... 194%... That's like 2 months worth of server uptime for you guys!

And already for November, we're at 64% (No thanks to Hoorigan and his mass donations for other people ;D)! If this keeps up I hope we can celebrate many more Phobos birthdays with you all!

I'm glad we have built up the community that we have with us today, I'm sure that with this success you guys are producing, there could be more events and drop parties when the server is more populated throughout the week!

-Rock <3
[Owner] satisfiction ao I like this post. xD
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