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An all-new map is coming - revealing a bit more of the world known as "Eltoria".

     The following will be reset:

  • The map, spawn, warzone etc.
  • The inventory in every container you have access to. (/echest,/v c,/v f,/v b,etc. as well as any contents of your spawn vault.)
  • Sethomes.
  • Money.
  • Pending votes.
  • Bounties.
  • Warps and Arenas. (New and better stuff coming.)
  • All bans will be cleared.

    The following will be new or different:

  • Ranks. Including their names and perks.
  • (Don't worry, your current rank will be absorbed into a new, equivalent rank.)
  • All /kit's will be changed for balance.
  • Better voting rewards.
  • Way better airdrops that occur way less often.
  • Spawn will be less isolated from the rest of the map. (No walls, etc.)
  • Back to TNT raiding. Grenades and nukes will no longer be part of the server.
  • To help, the bedrocky biome will not be used again this map.
  • Obsidian breaker will be tweaked accordingly.

     The following will not change (and never will, barring disaster):

  • McMMO <- Several people have approached me wishing this would reset. As a result of their inquiries I have created a new poll once again asking about resetting McMMO. Please answer the poll.
  • Ontime

    The map is being drawn now. :)


[Mod] SplitYourBase Can't waitttttttttttttttttttt ...

Hey before I make the formal announcement about the upcoming map reset can I get everyone to answer the new polls?



[Owner] satisfiction a posted Sep 8, 15

As I attempted to leave to go to school today... I encountered a this:

which means this:

So yeah. That's my morning xD

(an important post about the map reset is coming up soon, fyi)


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