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Huge sale on all ranks.

50% off. EVERYTHING.

(Totally new Buycraft page coming after Aug 1.)


Okay.. Our first trial run of FTB Unleashed 1.5.2 has ended with the map crashing!
Congratulations everyone on beating up a map til it crashes in good ole Phobos spirit!!!

We are in the process of resetting the map right now and should have it running soon. If you would like to be whitelisted please make a $5 donation for Pheed The Beast and I will whitelist you personally myself.

Yoshinto well however much it was, it was more than enough ...
[Owner] satisfiction a Yosh I think you were actually short by ~$20 on there but yeah bro you're in.
[Mod] JACKTHEKNIGHT Took long enough xD

Snapshot fun

[Owner] satisfiction a posted Wed at 22:17
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