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Thank you to all of our supporters this month, Fall is a difficult time to keep a server running financially but with your continued support we will be okay!

A big thanks to:
_Crashaze_ who donated $111.12 to save Zombie Horde from shutdown!
Herobrine007007 who donated to PHOBOS rank on PVP!
Dark_Shadow420 who donated to NIGHTMARE rank on PVP!
PsychoBlocker who donated to NIGHTMARE rank on PVP!
Isaant22 who donated $50 to keep SkyBlock running!
hoorigan who has donated for other people to get ranks this month since he is at max rank.

(and also to all of those who have been voting, who have stayed on the server all by themselves to keep someone online, brought on friends from other servers, those who help develop ideas and are generally just there as support, and to all Phobosians in general)

Every dollar counts so please continue to donate!

Thank you all.
[Owner] satisfiction a Good idea ;p hmmmm
Dark_Shadow420 I think there should be a rank in between Deimos and Phobos ranks, because even at 50% off, its a huge leap compared to ...
PsychoBlocker Hell yeah!!! #PhobosForever
How many cats do you think Satis and Purp own?

Answer: 7

We have seven cats all told.


[Mod] steffeny123 LOL my friend has 7 cats also (or maybe 5?) She even has a cat named Remmy >.<
 Isaant22 has saved Skyblock for another month by donating! Please follow in his awesome footsteps and donate to help pay for our server costs. We CANNOT do it without support from the community! Thank you so much Isaant22.

Also shouts to:
BrotheBear for donating $60 at the beginning of September.
and to Hoorigan for helping out this month too!

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