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[Owner] satisfiction a posted Mon at 14:04

What are your thoughts, gang?

[Owner] satisfiction a I think that's what most people are feeling. 50/50 win or lose. Honestly... I'd love to see what happens to the GAME it ...
[Mod] tuttle1843 This will either be absolutely fantastic and it will go super far or it is gonna totally fucking kill the game lol


[Owner] satisfiction a posted Sep 9, 14
Want 1.8?

Hello Phobosians! 

It is time for our monthly Phobos Creative Plots Build Contest! 

This month's build winner will be a featured attraction in the launch of our new hub, and therefore special attention will need to be paid to the aesthetics of the build, it needs to look good and match with our theme colors and blocks. This also means that the prizes will be bigger and badder. 

This month's contest is to build a MAZE ...and it will be a featured attraction at our hub and will need to follow these specific rules: 

1. has to be repeatable, with multiple people(player a uses maze, then player b can also use it, player c also and can be used all at once etc...)
 2. can Not require teams, and should be team proof(ie. if its timed, make it so one person cant wait at door while other person trigers timer)
 3. No parkour
 4. Maze can be maximum 12 blocks high Including floor -- you may add buildings and such that are up to 20 blocks high 
 5. Should fill whole creative plot(the maze itself does not need to fill plot, but walls and structure should. ie. you could make a garden with a building containing the maze)
 6. traps must be exit-able, and hidden mechanics should have a method for figuring out.(ie. if u have a button that you must hit thru a stair(google it) then there should be an example in-game allowing players to figure it out).
 7. no mobs
 8. no use of items(ie. bow and arrow for buttons, or flesh to trigger pressure plates)
9. Maze path HAS to be minimum of 2 blocks wide, NO ONE BLOCK WIDE PATHS!
10. Maze MUST HAVE AN EXIT and an Entrance
11. No mine-carts, or tracks, must be a walk-able maze. 

Make it fun, make it challenging but not impossible, have a good time with it. Is it something you would enjoy going through?
Aesthetic Guidelines: 

- Maze must be made out of realistic material, for example, Leaves, Stone, Cobble, Quartz, Lapis, DO NOT BUILD MAZE OUT OF BEDROCK, ENDSTONE, NETHERRACK, ICE, GLASS, WOOL, ETC. This maze should be built to look like it was part of a royal garden ( a fantastical one) You can use all blocks for aesthetic enhancements. 
- The Theme colors for Phobos are Red and Purple, you can use these colors wherever you would like in the build. 
- The entrance to the Maze should be a Grand one

You can enter as an individual or as a team, this build needs to be BIG and BAD so the prizes are bigger than usual

**all Entrants will receive custom armor from Purple as well as in game cash on any server of their choosing. 

** Third Place will receive $10 buycraft Gift card to our phobos store, and another badass armor set in addition to the one all. entrants get, as well as more in game money 

** Second Place will Receive $20 Buycraft Gift Card to our Phobos Store, 2 sets of armor, extra in game cash, and 10 monster eggs of their choice on any server 

** First Place will Receive $30 Buycraft Gift card to our Phobos store, 3 sets of armor, extra in game cash 20 monster eggs of their choice on any server  and 20 minutes of game play with Satis or Purple and their magical WE powers on any server. 

if you enter as a team, the winnings will be divided among-st you how you choose. 


To find Creative Plots you go to the PVE World, and then into Creative Plots

The contest will end Saturday the 27th of September and be judged Sunday the 28th 

The new hub Launch will be on October 1st and will be featuring the winner of this contest and a few others. 

Give it all you have, and good luck. 

Phoxx_Greyback Xpheonix99 and I shall be entering together, if you are unaware. The co-ordinates are: X 619 Y 66 Z 7
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