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Comment below with a biome from the previous 2 maps that you think would go best at spawn/around spawn.

[+1] cmoe23 I say something with ice, that would be so cool for spawn pvp!!!!!! :d
[Mod] Dark_Shadow420 I think the spawn biome should match what ever the spawn looks like, so it all depends on what the new spawn looks like ...

Most of the plugin configurations for the 1.10.2 PVP server are nearly ready.  Player ranks have been successfully migrated, as far as we were able to find in the data files. If you are missing your rank, please notify us immediately!  Many of the player commands are already permissioned, and we are currently working on configuring cooldowns.  In addition, we are testing a new plugin feature that will allow us to apply a cost to player commands that were previously spammable and often challenged by some players as being a source of imbalance.

Regarding the controversial McMMO reset that is currently in discussion, we are looking into solutions.  A primary source of concern is that failing to reset McMMO will ruin many of the new features we have been working with, but we do not wish to strip the McMMO abilities out of the server or render the abilities virtually useless.  Updates regarding a decision on the subject of the McMMO reset will be shared here once a conclusion has been reached.

Those of us who have been testing have also seen some interesting results, combining new features added to the vanilla game with some of the plugins.  I don't want to spoil the fun in this post, though, so come check it out!  The server address for the test world is:

Be sure to claim your place as a tester, so you can get your hands on some of the valuable spoils we'll be giving to our testers on launch!

### Added by hoorigan 160822-1311

[Mod] Dark_Shadow420 Congratz on the Tutor job satis!
[Owner] satisfiction a More than I have, I'm sure. I've been super busy becoming an actual tutor!!! I finally have a real "j...
[+1] cmoe23 "looks at himself" man I tested a lot xD

Testing on the 1.10.2 server has begun!  Since nobody signed up, I'm going to just go ahead and list the server IP here for everyone to come and check it out as you see fit.

Get on, and just play like normal.  If you see problems, make a post about them!

For those of you who enjoy finding and abusing glitches and bugs, please do so.  We could use reports on those, as well.

### Added by hoorigan 160801-1545

Critter1777 I will have a half-life 3 please.
[Managr] hoorigan Looks like Dark is winning so far with over 20 issues reported.
[2-Year] Pyr0_Panda I've found a very serious issue. Very serious. Whilst visiting this 'test server' of yours, I spawned in ...
[Owner] satisfiction   published What biome for spawn? on News
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