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Testing for the 1.10 PvP server should begin within the next week.  I have created a thread here where you can sign up to participate in the testing, which will offer you a chance to see what's coming and provide us with feedback before we begin openly testing.

The test server will consist of a hastily-constructed spawn and a vanilla world, as we are primarily testing functionality at this time.  The new world is under construction on a separate test server, so that we can continue the tradition of surprising everyone with yet another stunning custom map design.  :D

In addition, a new "Ticket System" will be created soon, so that all of you who are testing have a centralized and direct way to reach us with issues.  That URL will be shared in a future thread and news post.

If you are interested in participating in testing, head on over to the thread and sign up!  Also, don't be afraid to PM me (or message hoorigan512 on skype) if you have any questions relating to the testing.

### Added by hoorigan 160727-1428

Totes fixed. ;) Thx Hoorigan

If you logged in a minute ago you may have seen that parts of the map were vanilla and some other stuff was missing. Due to some server maintenance last night concerning the 1.10 update -- some files were missing from the main server. This is being fixed. Stay tuned. 


Currently working on the 1.10 Phobos Upgrade.

A few thoughts:

  • A new map is being drawn that further extends the world of Phobos, aka Eltoria. It may not end up looking as detailed as the current map was drawn to look -- but the little details that I have concerned myself with in the past are actually not that obvious in-game. (Like squared corners and stuff that I normally smooth out.) So hopefully I can get this one drawn a lot faster.
  • Looks like most plugins will carry over just fine including McMMO.
  • The rank perks are subject to a massive overhaul -- any suggestions or important issues you can think of -- Do NOT hesitate to chime in with comments!
  • The economy is going to be much more challenging next map -- especially IG spawners. Will likely make it so that Silk Spawners have a certain percentage of dropping (like 25%) so that moving spawners around will risk losing 75% of them. This will prevent people being able to quickly move their spawners during a raid as well as from putting them away in an enderchest or something when they log off.
  • All inventory, echests, pv's, etc will be reset. We will NOT be taking any items over to the new map like we sometimes get to do. This map has been the longest single map Phobos has run (with the exception of maybe the 1st map) and people have accumulated wayyy too much stuff to allow anything to be carried over. (Like stacks of Nukes and Gapples for example.)
  • Also: The ranks will likely be hybrid ranks going forward -- so that players who are unable to donate can acheive higher ranks by in-game money.

Remember to put your thoughts in the comments below -- they are more important to me than my own ideas.


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