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A shout out to:

[Owner] satisfiction a posted Sun at 9:58
 Isaant22 has saved Skyblock for another month by donating! Please follow in his awesome footsteps and donate to help pay for our server costs. We CANNOT do it without support from the community! Thank you so much Isaant22.

Also shouts to:
BrotheBear for donating $60 at the beginning of September.
and to Hoorigan for helping out this month too!


Super September Donation Special. Click above for details.


I had some old info.


Looks like it WILL be updated. We will just have to be patient as usual with updates.

So ignore this:

That being said.. We are going to look at Spigot or something similar to at least possibly allow 1.8 clients to connect.


Sad to see it go. ;c
[Managr] RockStar248 a Bukkit is being updated to 1.8 lol look at the link that's like right at the start of the post and you will understand.
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