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Hey.. so.. If you play ZH a lot you may have noticed there's a hopper in the ground where the old Exit used to be. In this hopper I have asked players to throw any items that simply don't belong in ZH, renamed to their username, as a raffle ticket for a drawing tonight!

Get on and check it out if you haven't already. Scour the map for any items that just don't belong in the game (stuff like: flowers, stone bricks, rabbit fur, etc!), RENAME THEM to your username, and toss them in the hopper tonight before 10pm EST for a chance to win awesome stuff. You don't have to be online to win, so if you're busy tonight don't worry!


[Owner] satisfiction a Okay so after much thought and candy... I have decided that Seniorhobo's bloody "Carpet of Doom" was the most ...
Seniorhobo SO WHO WON
[Mod] Dark_Shadow420 can't wait. ...

Hey guys!

Enjin recently released the option to add Phorum levels and various other post-voting features, I deacided to get a rough Phorum leveling system going. My system is similar to that of the donation ranks, meaning I just added "Phorum" infront of most of them and used the costs of the ranks to decide how many positive votes you need to gain the rank.

The Phorum ranks and required votes are as follows:

For example, I have +149 votes while writing this, which means I'm only Rank 3 (Phorum Nightmare) and am only 1 point away from Rank 4 (Phorum Mayhem);

Your feedback is much appreciated via PM or on Skype, and with this I will continue to improve our Phorum levels! :)


[Owner] PurpleKushGirl a This is great Rock! <3
Seniorhobo ty friends and plz play with me today ty im bored right now in school so satis pplz play later after its out u finish sc ...
Seniorhobo thx rock <3 i like the idea and satis i might be on zh today if u wanna come play with me and the squad we got a whol ...
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