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Now through the end of August!

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As always, thank you for your support!


[+1] Seniorhobo Dude we did not reach dp goal :(

Grind ee'm

[Owner] satisfiction a posted Aug 16, 15

/warp endgrinder



Some big fixes for this week:

  • Auctions are BACK!!! Enjoy!
  • Nukes are now thrown via LEFT CLICK. You can safely open chests while holding a nuke now.
  • Everyone can now see when someone gets banned in chat. No more mystery.
  • Removed the fire blocks from Napalm. It was simply too overpowered for raiding.

           ***Removed Napalm entirely. Poisonous potatoes are now normal.

  • Shortened Mars's bedrock mining time to 20 seconds. If you are Mars type /minebedrock to enable. Each piece takes ~20 seconds and won't go away until after you stop mining on it. Sorry it's kinda buggy but who cares when you can BREAK BEDROCK? Amiright?
  • Added new airdrop packages:
      PKG 1: All music disks.
      PKG 2: Rails and Cart Stuff.
      PKG 3: A beacon and some other goodies.
      PKG 4: A pig spawner and grass blocks
      PKG 5: Crapples, bones, and flesh
      PKG 6: A nuke.
      (The current packages are still there, too.)

All of these were suggestions/reports from players and now they are reality! Please never hesitate to report/suggest anything you think could be better or fixed! Otherwise we'll never know and you will have to cry in disappointment all alone xD.

Keep 'em coming!


[1-Year] barkovich I think all the additions are great. Auctions are a fun and better way to sell to players willing to give higher offers ...
[Mod] Dark_Shadow420 If the fire from napalms is removed can we just bring poison potatoes back to normal please? because as it is, they wont ...
[Mod] SplitYourBase Just posted another suggestion. ...
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