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I'm sure many of you have heard me ranting on about how much I hated my keyboard:

Problem is now resolved and no further assistance is required.
[Managr] RockStar248 a Lol Seb, I'd be laughing even harder if that were a Razer keyboard! Razer fucking suck though.
Hey guys, Rock here wondering where and if you guys post any content of the server or other games to the Internet?

If you do post any content out there, where do you do it and what's your steam name so we can all join in? :D

To get your links all listed, just go here and comment all your details and I'll update it as the comments roll in.
See that little Apparel button at the top of the page? 

Well it officially takes you to the Phobos Apparel store!

And each item you purchase contributes to the Phobos Gaming Community, and you get some awesome gear to wear! 

So help keep Phobos going and add some awesome gear to your wardrobe! New designs being added all the time and suggestions are always welcome!

So get your Phobos gear and rock it out! 

[Mod] steffeny123 OMGOMGOMG YES! Hope I can get one in the future. I suggest adding a shirt with this design: http://static.planetminecraf ...
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