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[Owner] satisfiction a posted Sep 15, 16

Okay.. so.. after reading all of the forum posts (and like someone deftly pointed out, the result of the poll up there in the corner) it is clear that there is an obvious majority in favor of the McMMO reset. And, since we are changing our donation rules drastically, I want to seriously put a boot in the face of the idea that my resistance to resetting it had anything to do with those who have donated for McMMO. For one, the percentage of donations accounted for by McMMO is less than 5%. So.. the person(s) [you know who you are] who were saying that that was why I didn't want to reset need to kindly stfu. :) But, most important is the fact that it was decided nearly a year ago that some point we were eventually taking all of the ranks and McMMO down from donations. So yeah. The reason that I was resisting resetting the McMMO is that along with ALL OF THE VANILLA CHANGES, plus ALL OF THE MAJOR CHANGES WE ARE MAKING (economy, ranks, kits, donations, etc etc etc...) I feel that it would be changing too many of Phobos's colors at once.

 I have been suggesting that we do a "one last time" run, where we keep the McMMO stats but also bring on the new features. This "one last time" map will run for only a few short months as we integrate all of the other new features. However, not resetting McMMO would mean some seriously whack behaviors with many of the new features and fixes that hoorigan has worked so hard to develop. I want to give the players who are in opposition of the reset the chance to see that the new features would be badass if their damn McMMO wasn't so high xD. This hybrid run is something that those who have worked on the new features, as well as the players who were promising to come back if the McMMO reset, are not all too happy with... but seriously guys.. I think we can reach a compromise here. :)

In summation:

  • We are getting rid of the old style donations;
  • We are balancing (nerfing) rank kits
  • In-game currency will replace donating for ranks;
  • We are going to a minimal rotation* of about 5-10 items in the shop;
  • A really awesome e-Bay-like economy will replace the old "grind and sell everything" style;
  • *Again, select few items will rotate in the shop allowing players to "make dat cheddar", while the rotation will force players to change their farms and grinders to work towards preventing "overkill" grinders like the Iron Golem farms from consuming everyone's frikkin motherlovin' minds for the love of everything Phobos holy cow oh my gosh.
  • We are implementing cannons again -- but the kill damage will be temporarily and frustratingly nerfed by high blast-mining stats during this "one last time" run with McMMO. I urge those of you opposing the McMMO reset to think about how fun it is going to be to blow people up once it does reset.
  • If the above compromise doesn't work then "you done lost yo mind".


P.S. OH!!! I almost forgot. We will totally go ahead and reset anyone's McMMO who would like for theirs to be reset. That should be about 2/3 of the players. Would be really really interesting to see the dynamic there. Bear in mind it is likely they would have to be reset once again. 

P.P.S Also, I hear whispers in the night about a Hub-shaped dimension trying to make its way into ours. Hmmmmmmmmm.

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