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[Owner] satisfiction a posted Sun at 22:24


I'm talking, of course, about Eltoria! Our hand-drawn fully custom biomes PVP map!

With this map I made an extensive effort to balance ores to be closer to vanilla ore count. With over 250 biomes to work with, I hope I didn't miss any xD. I also made an effort to make the map as "easy" to get around as possible. It should be a lot better than that last amplified map, and hopefully even better than the previous Eltorias in the past!


-Everyone got to take a /v c. Remember to EMPTY YOUR VIRTUAL CHESTS BY MAY 24TH (unless your donator rank has it, in which case it won't be changed)

-The main worldborder is 6180 blocks. You will see what looks like the "Far Lands" from the old versions of Minecraft. These are nowhere near as extreme or buggy.. but they are jagged, whacky, watery, snowy, bedrocky lands that mark the edge of the map. Attempting to glitch past the worldborder will ultimately kill you... So don't do that. :) You can see this border in the map picture below.

-Worldborder for The Nether and The End are both only 500 blocks. Going much further will kill you. This is to prevent annoying end-bases that were floating ridiculously far away from the main island.. and to prevent nether-top bases which are just annoying.. If you want Nether stuff, go to Hell. Haha just kidding.. again.. look at the map! (Link below.) "Hell" is the southernmost biome directly at the bottom. Basically.. Build bases in the main world, please. ;) There are even tons of bedrock spots throughout the map you can use as a good roof to start a base with. I'll let you find them. They're everywhere.

I hope everyone enjoys the map. Here is the "mapmap" as I keep calling it.. Which gives you an idea of where you are if you follow it in your way out from spawn. North is up. South is down. (duh) Minor Seas do not have names. 


FYI: The file is 7MB

As always, please Skype me any concerns or comment below.

I will import the shop tomorrow. And then expressly work on the donator shop.. which will contain Enchantment signs that can enchant gear for in-game money, spawners, some spawn eggs, and other such things. Drop suggestions for what should be in the donator shop below. Also, you can always donate at :) Ranks are still 50% til the end of May!



Okay guys! I think we can pretty much all agree that the amplified terrain map that we are currently on is... annoying, to say the least. But, good news is finally here!!! The plugins that make our Custom Terrain map "Eltoria" possible have been updated as well as the proprietary resource package of custom biomes ;D I have been busy these past several days drawing an all-new Eltoria map. I've made every effort to avoid using any laggy biomes, with two jungles being the only exceptions. I’m trying to keep the terrain relatively ‘easy’ to travel over. The coolest thing about this new map is that there will be PLENTY of "hardened" places featuring layers or caps of obsidian and bedrock!!! This will make for some great raid protection (as well as unique raiding solutions! :D) as blasting through bedrock is impossible.

Since the current map is still pretty 'new', and a lot of you have just gotten to where you have some decent stuff, I am allowing a rollover of all contents of Virtual Pack (/v c, /v b, /v f, etc). Pro Tip: If you are sneaky you can usually stuff a stack of diamond blocks or whatever into the furnace slots. ;)

I have given ALL players /v c, or Virtual Chest, which you can fill with whatever you'd like. There are no rules or limits concerning what you may take with you in this chest.

To be able to use your virtual chest you must first “buy” one, which is actually free.

Type: “/v c buy”

You can then type “/v c” to access your chest.

This is a double-chest that only you can access, and the contents of which cannot be lost even if you die.


-All new custom-terrain PVP map coming this weekend (~5/16/2015)

-Everyone can take a Virtual Chest. Type /v c buy, then type /v c. (It is free to ‘buy’.)

-Inventory and enderchests will be erased (As always.)

-Money and /homes will be erased. (As always.)

-Bounties will be erased. (Nice try last time.)

-McMMO will be kept. (As always.)

Feel free to Skype me any questions or concerns! [satisfiction6794]

Get your stuff packed up now!


Hey Guys! 

This morning I have been working on the phorums, 

There are now 5 new awards you can get on the phorums: 

Phorum Villager - Post once on the phorums

Phorum Apprentice - Post 50 times on the phorums

Phorum Infected - Post 150 times on the phorums

Phorum Haunt - Post 300 Times on the phorums

Converstation Starter - Create 100 new threads on the phorums 

So get active on the Phorums and get those rewards! 

I also have added the 2 year reward which will start kicking in over the next month as the Phorums reach 2 whole years old! 

<3 Purple

[Owner] PurpleKushGirl a HEHE! Me too! You can get the Converstation Starter more than once! So every 100 threads you start, you get that award. ...
[Managr] Rock_TM a I got all the awards ;D
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