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Hey Guys! 

Long time no see right? I have missed you all so much, and I am glad to say that I have found some time to get back on this week! I can promise you my mind has been with you, even if I haven't been able to be on as much, and I started a whole new project this weekend that I am pretty excited about for the community.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^See that button on the tab that says t-shirts and more? ^^^^^^^^^^^^

You totally should click and check out the all new Phobos Gear available in our SpreadShirt Store! 

~ Fear and Horror Rank Shirts Now AVAILABLE
~ All PVP Rank Shirts coming SOON!!!!(as in this weekend soon) 
~ All New Phobos Shield Shirt available NOW! 
~All PVE Rank Shirts Coming SOON!!! 
~ Zombie Horde Ranks and Custom Shirts line also in the works! 

All purchases contribute to keeping Phobos running and the gear is pretty sweet too. 

Also a little bird (who happened to have really long majestic hair and a beard to die for) told me that PVP is getting overhauled this weekend, and there are some pretty important polls at the top right of the page that you guys can help us with by answering!  We want the server to be what you guys want it to be, so please give us your opinions! 

I have missed you all so much and I am happy to be working on the Server again and getting everything ready for this new year of ours. 

<3 u guys! 


[Owner] PurpleKushGirl a Added Panic Rank t-shirt today, Dread coming next!
AND (hopefully) BETTER THAN EVER!!!

The Original Map.
PDA is back.
The original guns return but with better mechanics.
Thirst re-implemented.
Food does not regenerate health.
You must use health packs to heal.
/enderchest is back
New donator rank: G-Man

Have fun, Skype me any problems/bugs/concerns.

JakeNeil add me on skype brandon, "jakayneil"
Yoshinto I am concerned that I am going to need more money, IRL money that is. And once I get that IRL money it will become digit ...

Holiday Sale!

[Owner] satisfiction a posted Dec 18, 14

 ^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ 

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