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Update to 1.7.9

[Owner] satisfiction a posted 11 hours ago
If you try to connect with 1.7.2 or 1.7.4 you may get an error!
Make sure you update to 1.7.9!


Survival Revival

[Owner] satisfiction a posted Sat at 23:30
After many many requests...

Survival PVE now has Disguise Craft!!! (Mob disguise)

Here is a list of who gets what:
Survivor: Chicken
Veteran: Sheep
Iron: Pig, Cow, Bat, Spider, Zombie
Gold: Wolf, Ocelot, Slime, Skeleton, Cavespider
Lazuli: Zombie Pigman, Wither Skeleton, Villager, Creeper
Emerald: Horse, Enderman, Witch, Blaze, Ghast ,Magmacube
Diamond: *Wither, Enderdragon, Silverfish, Mushroomcow, Spiderjockey, Giant

Just type '/d' to see your available disguises! Have fun!

[Mod] caniano What ya mean prototype ranks?
Yoshinto Awwwwwww yeah!!! I hope Prototype rank also gets that, imma check :3

OnTime is fixed.

[Managr] RockStar248 a posted Fri at 17:16
If any of you had any problems with not being able to be promoted when you had the right time, you're now gonna get that promotion because I fixed the problem with OnTime :3

Happy surviving
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[Owner] satisfiction   published Survival Revival on News
[Managr] RockStar248   published OnTime is fixed. on News
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em22ilyLoving the new spawn :3
Liked this
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