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Okay gang,

 We need your help. Purp's brakes just blew out on her car while she was at work and we are currently financially fucked. If you can donate right now.. PLEASE PLEASE DO. We are desperately in need. Our power bill, phone bill, and internet are all due and we just don't have it and now Purp's car is broken ;c

Update:  Purps car is okay it was loose bleeder screws YAY.. We still need your help though. Offer still stands.

It's still broken.. CRAP. Brake fluid everywhere.

So.. if you help us out by donating today I will reward you beyond your wildest dreams.
Any donation made this week under General Donation will be rewarded insanely.

Go to the store page and donate under General Donation and your contribution will be rewarded WAY more than it would normally. 

[Mod] Xpheonix99 $8.43 USD In General Donation. Glad to help. ...
The title says it all. 

Same whitelist. Same rules.


Working on it.


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