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Type '/kit happy4th' on PVP for a free kit of special fireworks and some explosives and a set of Prot III :)

Happy 4th.


We were hit by a griefer who created a glitch that caused all players to crash when they got near spawn on both PVP and PVE.

PVP was fixed using a 14 hour rollback of the entire map. Everything you did on Thursday 7/2 from 6AM ET til 8PM ET was rolled back. Sorry to anyone who did a lot of work today.

PVE was fixed using a player-specific rollback and nobody should have been impacted :)

I installed the plugin that does player-specific block logging and rollbacks on PVP now. Only OPs can use any feature of it.

Fucking eh. 

Keep your eyes peeled on anyone acting suspicious and if they say "tpa for a drop party" or "come to spawn" and then you crash, immediately write down their name so we know who to rollback.

^signs are disabled^


I want to extend a huge thanks to those of you who lept into action yesterday and really saved Phobos.

You are all amazing.

Thank you.


[Mod] superchris05326 Death would be upon me if this server ever shutdown! Stay strong Phobos!
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